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вакансия кинокритика \ киноведа
Предложение | Москва 24.08.2011, 16:36
Egoist.tv is hiring new personnel : screening and acquisition.

Egoist.tv – the first 24/7 TV channel in Russia that broadcasts the best short films made on this planet. For more info visit www.egoist.tv


The search and selection of short films and other short format content for our channel. And the subsequent acquisition of the content.

Our criteria:

* Age 25 years and up
* Minimum BA degree education in cinema related studies
* Fluent English and/or French, German, Italian etc.
* Working experience in the field of cinema and/or television of at least 2 years
* Passion for and knowledge of modern cinema

Basically we are looking for an educated professional film freak with great taste that can find a needle in a haystack. Somebody who will separate the provocative from the dull, the original from the banal and most of all the clever from the boring.
Контактное лицо: Ananich Pavel | Телефон: +74956173843
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